Yes! Spring is here, trees are budding and birds are singing! I am getting camping fever. We have actually had a mild winter, but it was still cold enough to keep us home. We will soon be getting Blue Star ready for traveling. Getting her ready means cleaning, reorganizing and of course the mechanics and tire checks.

We live in Oklahoma, so we have storms and hail even in the winter.  So it is very important to check for damages to the exterior of the Motorhome.  Check the roof vents, skylights and accessories like the air conditioner, solar panels or satellite dish for damage. 

Exterior Check Top to Bottom

Check the roof vents, skylights, air conditioner, satellite dish for damage. Solar panels if you have them.

Check the roof for signs of sealants deterioration.  Also check for holes and cracks.

Check windows doors and moldings to make sure they are sealed and watertight.

Check the slide-outs to test for proper make sure they are sliding properly and easily.  Inspect the seals and lubricate the moving components.

Check the awnings for mold, mildew, tears and holes.    Note:  If it moves, lubricate it including door hinges, awnings, and slides

Electrical Checks

Before any check on electrical components, remember safety procedures.

Inspect cables for damage or corrosion.

Check the 12-volt battery for proper fluid levels.

Clean the terminals and add some dielectric grease to the posts.

Mice love chewing on cords, so check all cords and plugs.

Test (GFI) plugs.

Tires, Wheels and Undercarriage

Check the tires’ sidewalls and treads for signs of cracking or separation

Make sure the tires have the recommended tire pressure. Check shackles,

U-bolts and springs for any signs of damage or excessive wear.

Check brake function and adjust if required.

Water and Waste Systems

Make sure that the water heater bypass valves are in the summer position.

Remove the antifreeze from the water pipes.

Run water from all faucets into tubs to make sure all anti-freeze is removed.

Check your gray and black hoses for cracks or clog. Wash out and sanitize.

Ok, that is a simple check-up for the exterior. While DreamDuffer is doing the outside, I am cleaning and restocking the inside. I also reorganize every year. I will eventually find a way that I like. The next post will be about inspecting and organizing the inside so you can be ready to jump in and head down the road.

Happy and Safe Travels!

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