On the Road

Ready to Hit the Road!

Get to Know Each Other Before You Go.

Assuming you are traveling with a husband, wife, partner, my advice is to make sure you like them.  Oh you say you love them dearly, and I am sure you do.  But do you LIKE them?  Will they make you crazy in three days?  Are you able to communicate without yelling?  What is yelled at the campground is heard by all of the campground and talked about, tweeted, facebooked , possibly videoed and handed down for generations.  Open and honest communication is a must.  Understanding each others likes and dislikes and respecting them is certainly important for harmony.  Before hitting the road, discuss each others duties, chores and responsibilities.  After all, you will be living in a very tight, small, sometimes cluttered, lack of privacy and step-over-each-other space.  Allow each other space and alone time.

  • Discuss your expectations of your trip.  Never assume you are on the same page.  Pages can turn pretty fast!  Be honest with each other.  Will you always agree?  Oh Paleeeze!  Here is the word of the day…compromise!
  • We have golf as a shared interest.  Exploring new and interesting places.  Check.  Shopping in unique little shops…maybe some..maybe not so much.
  • History…we both love that!  Local craft shops?  Me yes…DreamDuffer not so much.
  • Wine vineyards and wine tasting?  I am so there!   He can take it or leave it.
  • Tool and die shops, engineering shops, motors, inventions and cars?  Me..not so much..DreamDuffer?  Well yes!  Where I am going with this?  Compromise!  Give and take.  There are enough hours in the day to see what you both like.  When you get back to camp, discuss the day.  Enjoy both views and ilikes.

Even though you share many interests, you probably don’t share all hobbies.  I like to paint, craft, read and write.  DreamDuffer doesn’t.  Enjoying the time with each other is great, taking over another’s life with just what you like to do is selfish.  Each of you should spend some time enjoying your own hobbies.   Time on your own does not need to be all day, or ignoring your partner.  Take a small amount of time to enjoy your interests and let your partner enjoy theirs.

Get Out There and Make Those Memories!

There is the great outdoors.  Get out there!  Utilized the area maps and brochures.  Go see, take pictures and make memories.  I like to go to the nearest little town to soak up local history and culture.  Shop in local quaint shops.  Try the local cafe.  If there are wineries, farms or ranches that allow visitors take a tour.  Take a hike, or at least a slow walk and marvel at the scenery we don’t get to see living in a city.  We like to golf the local courses and even fish if the weather permits.


  • Take pictures!  Lots and and lots of pictures!  If you don’t have makeup on, you have sweats or just  wrinkled tee on…take those pictures!  There will come a time when your kids and grands will look at those pictures and marvel at how much fun you were, how much fun you had, and cherish the memories of YOU!
  • Journal your trips with pictures.  You may not think anyone will care, but trust me, they will.  They will look at all your pictures and your descriptions and one day may decide to trace your footsteps.  Leave a legacy of discovery, exploration, fun, and adventure.

As night falls and bugs come out to play in the lights, build a exploration, funcampfire, make some s’mores, talk about your day, laugh and watch the stars.  We have two televisions in our camper and we have never watched them.  Most evenings we play music, listen to nature and relax.  It is at that time I appreciate the opportunity to experience God’s creations, my husband who is willing to travel with me and take me places,  and be thankful for my fun adventures past, present and future.  I am also excited to be able to not only share those with you the reader, but hopefully help you as a future or present camper enjoy your own adventures while maintaining an acceptable level of sanity.

In Conclusion, Some Future Links and Likes.

There are amazing people and places in this country and most are friendly and accommodating.  I will add posts and  links to various places that you can join to camp for a night or two right on the winery, farm or ranch.  Some museums allow overnight parking as well.  As we travel and explore, I will post reviews of campgrounds and of local attractions.  Of course you will have to come back to this site for a visit to see the newest posts.  Until we meet up again….Happy Travels!

DreamDuffer and GypsyStar