Cookn’ In the RV Kitchen With…Me!

Once upon a time I said, “Camping is just taking a kitchen with you.”  I was right, however RV camping is so much more than just the kitchen.  I have a nice little cooking area in our RV.  Yes, I actually use it and enjoy fixing our little meals.  It can be challenging as far as storage and room to navigate, but with practice and rearranging a few dozen times, I have met the challenge. A few little bits of advice while you are preparing a meal:

Don’t be afraid to ask for help,  or if they don’t tell them to get out of your kitchen…assuming they can. There is no space to just stand around and chat.  They may have to go completely outside, but bu that is ok.  You are the chef.  Let them know they can be the chef’s assistant now or during clean up time.

Have your menus planned…well somewhat planned.  I try to cook ahead and freeze many of our meals.  But I also utilize the slow cooker.  You can freeze many of the ingredients in a bag and just pour into the slow cooker.  Set it in the sink and cook as you drive!  I will be posting some really delicious recipes later.

Do not undervalue hot dogs. hoagies, hamburgers and sandwiches as a meal.   Get creative.  Your days are filled with exploring, site seeing and just enjoying the great outdoors.  That is more important than a three course meal.  Cut up some veggies, some fruit and slap some meat and cheese on bread…tad-ah!  You have a meal!

Utilize that grill!  Cook out doors.  We have a charcoal grill and an induction cook top we use outside.  I love frying fish and bacon outside…not just because it tastes better (it does) but because it does not leave lingering odors in the camper. ewwww…even my candles can’t take away that fish smell.

Breakfast!  Yes!  My favorite meal and I love cooking it outside in a cast iron skillet.  I just put everything in the skillet and let it cook!  Again, recipes coming later.  (You have to come back!  I can only write so much in a post ya know!)

Clean up time!  Ok…this can get touchy.  Refer to below post on getting to know each other.  But, if one cooks…the other cleans or at least helps.  We make this easy by using paper plates….other than when we have substantial meats that require cutting like a yummy steak.  Team work people!  Team work.  You are partners in the fun, be partners in the work.  ( Having said that, we will be covering helping at the dump station. )

Later posts and links will be covering some organization hacks and tricks concerning the kitchen area and outside cooking tips.   RVs have quite a lot of storage, but it must be utilized efficiently.  I am still working on it.

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