As you travel, you will find all kinds of places to camp. Some are free, some are small mom and pop campgrounds, National and State Parks, COE (Corp of Engineers) and some are Resorts. We have camped pretty much all except the resorts. I hear many are fabulous with great amenities. Since it is just the two of us and no kids, we like to save money and camp at the less expensive ones. I personally like the COE and National and State Parks. There is usually a nice lake and beautiful scenery, plus reasonable prices. Many of them also have play areas for kids, swimming, fishing and even little stores and burger places.

There are also free places to camp such as BLM (Bureau of Land Management), Harvest Hosts is a club you can join that has a multitude of farms, vineyards, museums and even golf courses that you can stay for a night. Check them out at Harvest Hosts. The annual fee is quite reasonable. Of course, there are also Walmarts, Cracker Barrel, truck stops, Sams Club, and Bass Pro Shops. I do advise you to call ahead to get permission as some have stopped allowing overnight parking due to rules being broken. (Rules of overnight parking will be discussed in future blogs). Two of my favorite places for an overnight stay is Cracker Barrel and Bass Pro. Stopping at Cracker Barrel provides the stay and a short walk to an amazing breakfast with the opportunity to shop for unique gifts. Same with Bass Pro. They have different snacks and shopping. Some have restaurants as well. Again, if you decide to stay at any of these free places, make sure you call ahead for permission. Most do not provide any electric or water, so your rig must be self-sufficient. As with all camping areas, leave nothing behind. Clean up after yourself and if you see others have left trash, pick it up.

We have stayed at a few mom and pop campgrounds and have found most to be nice and clean. They are pretty basic and have

the water and electric hook-ups. Some have 50 amp while most just have 30 amp. We found that many of them have permanent residence campers that work in nearby towns or cities. Mom and pop campgrounds are as a rule very friendly and informative. They know the area and where the best food places are as well as where to go for entertainment, sightseeing, and historical places. The prices vary so call ahead for prices and availability.

That brings me to phone apps. There are so many to choose from! My favorites are, RV Parky,, Good Sams and RV Parks and Campgrounds. We also have Good Sams for roadside assistance. Thankfully we have only had to use it once. They sure were nice and very helpful. Gas buddy is another app that sure comes in handy for gas prices and location, as well as for food Foursquare is great. Search for apps that will fit your traveling lifestyle. There are tons of them! Even checklists are available.

Be a Happy and Helpful Camper. Have safe and fun trips! Enjoy the RV Life!

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